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WHOOOOO- HOOOO!  To avoid over payment, please take a moment to read the following note:

*TICKET SALES: Our reservation system automatically considers the person making a reservation as an individual, and then adds guests as they are booked.  So if John Henry signs up for a train ride and he adds 2 Seniors as guests, his total charge will be for 3 people. Please verify the total number in your party before you check out to avoid confusion and/or overpayment- we cannot offer refunds. Thank you.~

*“Blocked” Messages: If the reservation system does not allow you to complete a reservation for a specific day/time, that signifies that the train you are interested in is sold out or does not have enough spaces left to accommodate your party. Should you have questions regarding your reservation, please call 865-524-9411.


~ The 2015 schedule will be posted in February ~

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