~ Volunteering Aboard the 3RR ~ 

The Three Rivers Rambler could not operate without the help and support of numerous volunteers. If you or one of your children would like to volunteer, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you with additional information. You can also call us at (865) 524-9411. 

Uniformed Passenger Conductor

The uniformed passenger conductor is a vital part of every Three Rivers Rambler train. In addition to making guests feel welcome, the conductor helps guests board the train, punch passenger tickets, and answers guest questions about the train and train trip.

General Volunteer

General volunteers help with many of the tasks that keep the depot and train ready for guests. As a general volunteer, you may help guests board the train, sell merchandise, serve snacks and drinks, and answer guest questions. 

Jolly Old Elf

Our "special guests" create memories for hundreds of children and families onboard our Christmas Lantern Express trains. We can supply the beard and outfit if needed. 

Elf Experience

Children between the ages of 4 and 10 can volunteer on our Christmas Lantern Express as one of the elves. Elves aboard the Christmas Lantern Express train dress in elf attire and act as Santa’s little helpers, handing out a small token of esteem from St. Nick to the other children onboard the train. This “job” lasts around 20 minutes and is done under adult supervision. The Elf Experience is a good beginning volunteer experience for young children as it gives them an opportunity to engage socially with many other children and allows them to have an easy “theatrical” experience. The Elf Experience comes with a free additional ticket per elf, with a limit of two free tickets per family in addition to the elf (who is also free).

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