Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the Rambler have any spring/summer trips during 2019?

A: For 2019, we will only be running our All Hallow’s Eve Special and Christmas Lantern Express. Spring and summer will be reserved for charters and maintenance.

Q: Where do we park?

A: We have a lot adjacent to our depot with free parking available. Please ignore "Employee Only" signs posted by the Commons is discourage students from parking here for class. 


Q: How long is the excursion?

A: Our trips last just under 2 hours. We board 20 minutes before departure, so be sure to factor that in.


Q: Are there restrooms on the train?

A: Yes, we have two restrooms located in the merchandise car as well as two restrooms located at our depot.


Q: Will the cars be heated/air conditioned?

A: Yes, we do heat all of cars when it’s needed in winter. As for the summer, one car has air conditioning while our all other passenger cars have fans with open windows. 


Q: Should we print our tickets?

A: You may certainly print your tickets, although simply having the email handy on your cell phone will also work.


Q: What will passengers see along the way?

A: Check out our Virtual Tour for a list of sites we will pass on our way to the forks of the river. As a point of reference, our route follows the Tennessee River for most of its journey east out of Knoxville.


Q: Are seats assigned?

A: You are free to sit wherever you may choose on any of our cars, including the open air car! When choosing your seat, keep in mind that we do not turn our train at the midpoint of our trip. If you are facing forward on the journey out, you will be facing backward on the return trip. Additionally, you are free to move about on the train throughout the trip.


Q: Will we be able to depart the train at the halfway point?

A: For safety & insurance purposes, none of our excursions offer an off-train destination this year.


Q: How do we find the depot?

A: Check out our directions page here. Please note that some traditional GPS systems will not recognize our address.


Q: Does the Rambler run rain or shine (or snow)?

A: The train leaves rain or shine but we do recommend that you dress for the weather (i.e. layers in winter-time and comfortable shoes).


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We have a non-refundable ticket policy. With enough notice and when feasible, we will do our best to move you to another date within the same season.


Q: Are pets allowed on the train?

A: Unfortunately, due to the reaction to the train whistle, we ask that you do not bring pets to ride the train. We are also conscientious of other passenger's possible allergies.  


Christmas Lantern Questions


Q: Will Santa be on the Rambler for our trip?

A: We will have a special guest in red on all Christmas Lantern excursions.


Q: Will hot chocolate be available on the train?

A: Yes, we will have complimentary hot chocolate and ginger bread cookies for each trip.


Q: Are the cars heated?

A: Yes, our enclosed cars are heated when necessary. Bring a coat to visit the open air car!